Who we Are


O.T.M. Fortini s.r.l. has been part of the production reality of the area of Cento for more than 30 years and is a company able to meet a number of requirements of mechanical workings on different material. The company has always devoted its activity mainly to the chip removal mechanical workings such as turning, milling, drilling etc. We are in the position of supplying workings as subcontractors or carrying out the full supply of the product to be manufactured having been dealing directly with foundries and steel-mills for several years. The highly qualified personnel and the strong entrepreneurial spirit of the ownership have enabled the growth of OTM Fortini srl one year after each other, reaching a top-level quality and technology. Thanks to the advanced measurement systems and a good computer system we can monitor the conformity of the products that are being manufactured. All the information necessary to the product check in-process are available to each machinist during the production process in order to ensure a complete and accurate control of the whole batch. According the customers requirements we can supply the material certificates, if appropriate, the certificates of the surface or the heating treatment and the documents of the dimensional controls we have carried out.